Lucas Roy works at the intersection of strategy and design to build extraordinary brands. 

Lucas Roy works at the intersection of creative, strategy and design to build extraordinary brands. 

Lucas Roy is an advocate of design's ability to communicate, educate, and find solutions unknown. Working in strategy and creative direction, Lucas Roy has developed identity and branding solutions, designed web and app-based platforms and multimedia campaigns focusing on video and interactive experiences.

Always striving for design with purpose, his work combines ideation with invention. In 2008, he established Studio Mercury, a New York based full-service design agency specializing in media-rich, design-centric experiences. During his tenure, he grew a cross-functional team in strategy, design, and development. The studio elevated brands through video, print, social, web and built digital products from the ground up. Studio Mercury quickly gained global notoriety by establishing the new normal in digital publishing for Martha Stewart, Condé Nast, the New Republic, among others. From defining a strategy to spearheading creative initiatives, the approach was one of design thinking by doing.

From entrepreneur to creative director, he has developed brand, service, and product solutions for clients, including Amazon, Bloomberg, Dior, Google, Guggenheim Museum, Hyundai, MIT, MUJI, and NARS Cosmetics, Sotheby’s, Tufts University, and West Elm.


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Graphis Advertising Annual 2018 • 49th, 50th & 53rd Society of Publication Design (SPD) including Brand of the Year for Garden & Gun and Gather Journal • Webby Awards: Lifestyle, 2013 • Mac Today, Taiwan, 2012 • How Magazine, International Design Awards 2011 • Mohawk Best of Show 11, 2010 • Graphis Poster Annual 2010 • Design and Advertising Design (D&AD) Annual 2010 • Communication Arts 51 Design Annual 2010 • AIGA 365/31 Year in Design 2010 • Print Magazine Design Annual 2007 • Graphis Annual Reports 2006 • Rebrand 100, 2005 • Blackbook Annual Report 100, 2005 • Graphis Design Annual 2004 • Graphis Logo Design 6, 2003 • Print Magazine January/February 2002